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Spice Spotlight: Everything Bagel Seasoning

Earth Table | Anything & Everything (Everything Bagel) Seasoning Blend

What’s The Story?

David Gussin of Queens, NY says he invented the blend sometime around 1980, when he was cleaning out his bagel shop’s oven. Instead of throwing out all the loose seeds, he wept them into a bin and said “let’s call it ‘everything’ and use it as a new bagel topping.” Customers loved it and the rest is history. While some dispute this origin story,  the general public seems unanimous in their love for the blend.

What’s in Everything Bagel Seasoning?

Often you’ll see sesame seeds (white and black), salt, onion, poppy seeds, and garlic. Check out our’s here

What’s it taste like?

Salty, garlicky, oniony awesomey (don’t think that last one is a word, but we’re going with it).  

What to cook with Everything Bagel Seasoning?

We like it added to the top of hummus, sprinkled over a chopped salad or roasted broccoli, folded into creamy mashed potatoes, or as an addition to a homemade trail mix.

Want more detailed Everything Bagel Seasoning recipes? Check these out:

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